March 2, 2009

Beautiful Monday!

Sam passed his test this morning! YAY!!! I knew he would do great... he always does great! I'm so proud of my Baby!!!

I feel a whole lot better today, but still sort of whoozy. Its such a nice day and I am really looking forward to spending the rest of my day outside! I hope these beautiful type of days stick around for awhile. Yesterday, I was thinking to myself... WHAT IF it rains on my wedding? Man... I would probably cry my eyes out because it would be so messy! I know that the Khmer ceremony is indoors, but still! The kids can't run around outside and the deck that my Dad is starting to extend in the backyard would just be a total waste. :( I hope and I pray that it will be a beautiful day! :)

I wish I had a bike! I would definitely put it into good use on days like this! Ahhh... I miss running along the beach in California now. I had a lot of fun running by myself and it made me feel GREAT! Can't wait to move there... only 20 something more weeks. Holy shit... thats NOT a lot of time!!

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