March 2, 2009


I just made some pineapple curry fried rice and I am in love with my own cooking! LOL... actually, I'm in love with all types of cooking and all types of food! HAHA! No shame, no shame! The least picky eater and easiest to please! :D If I can impress my eight year old nephew... then thats all I need! Sam asks why I always try to cook when he's not here. I'm trying to wife myself up for him... and he questions me? Psshh!

Got to chat with Lily and Paline today about some wedding plans. Man... it was good times! I love catching up with them and they always make me laugh! All I gotta say is that we have some "interesting" guys on our hands! I dreamt that Durand and Sam were kissing the other night and actually woke up pisst off at Sam! I told Durand this and he thinks its pretty homo and I'm sick, tito! Whatevs! Lily confirmed that Durand misses Sam and is always like, "Sam this... Sam that". Boo! Honestly, if one of them was a girl, they'd probably be a match made in heaven! Lily said that Sam would be the girl and Durand would complain how Sam takes forever to get ready! HAHAHA... can't help it if my Man is so pretty and likes to take his time! :) To tell you the truth, I think that Sam misses Durand more than he misses me! Oh well.. whatever!! I can't wait until we all have kids and they start playing together. I wonder who I'm gonna try to hook my kids up with. LOL!

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