March 2, 2009

The City -- Guys are so DUMB!!

Okay before I get into the GUYS bullshit... let me just say that Olivia is such a conniving little biyatch who really needs to get slapped and fed. (LOL) She reminds me of a few people, but I won't name any names! ;) How do you walk around smiling and taking all the credit for something that you did not even do? Whitney has too much tolerance and patience. Really... she does.

Ughhhh... so Jay cheats on Whitney... someone who gave him a roof to stay under when he needs someone and he goes off betraying her and cheats on her while he's still living under her roof? Oh my gosh... WHO the FUCK does that? At first, I was like, "Jay's a good guy... he seems nice enough to trust... blah blah"... but who can you trust nowadays? Oh my gosh... !

AND... apparently (according to previews for the next episode), Whitney is still with him and he's once again leaving her in disappointment. Oh my gosh, Whitney! Can't you see that you can do and deserve so much better and so much more? My goodness!!!!

Okay... thats all, folks! LOL

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