March 27, 2009

I am so PROUD!!

Mr. Yuong is not only a family friend of ours, but he was one of the most amazing teachers that I've ever had! I even became his T.A. for two semesters straight. ANDDDDDD... he was my Driver's Ed. teacher! LOL! It was so funny because in our driving group was Ranny, Ian (Korean), Trung, and I. He would make us feel so comfortable driving, yet taught us all how to drive. We're all GREAT drivers, I might add! HAHA! I remember one time he asked Ian if he knew what the bumps on the lanes were, and Ian said that it was for BLIND drivers! LMAO! WTF! My first time driving on the freeway, I took an exit and drove through an espresso stand and treated the group to some coffee. I didn't get in trouble... he NEEDED the coffee and so did we! I'm so proud to see this and trust me... this award is well earned and long overdue.

Talking to Ranny now... I think we're going to go visit him! Jenn will be stoked to hear this too because she also had classes with him.

Ahhhhhhh... I'm so happy for him!!


  1. Isn't it? He's awesome! Definitely gotta visit him and congratulate him in person! I actually made this little poster saying that I'm his favorite student. I wonder if its still up there! HA!