March 19, 2009

My Parents' Little Secret

So yesterday while my Parents were over at my Aunt's place prepping for the ceremony and funeral, my oldest Sister came over and was like, "did you see Mom and Dad's new car?" We're like... "they didn't get a new car!" Then she goes, "I heard they did.... maybe I heard wrong". We all agreed that maybe she heard wrong and left it at that.

A couple hours later, my Aunt and Uncle (Mom's younger Sister and her Husband) came over and asked "where is your parents' car parked?" We're like... WTF? My Aunt quickly changed the subject, but we didn't let her off the hook. She just said, "you heard nothing from me". We were sooooooooo confused. Our parents didn't get another car!!!!

A few minutes later, our Parents arrived and we confronted them about this "new car". My Mom smiled and said, "I don't know what car... ask your Dad". Dad came in and had a smile on his face. We KNEW something was up. They confessed that they did buy a new car. They didn't want to tell us kids because they were afraid that we were going to get mad. We wouldn't have gotten mad if they had just TOLD us... but they freakin' tried to hide it! (Especially when they already have their Toyota T100 truck and their brand new car that they just bought a few months ago)

We asked what kind of car it was, and it was a freakin' 15 passenger van!! WTF?!?!?! WHO the hell buys that? I thought those were only for rentals and churches and other organizations... not families! LMAO! BUT... my Dad had always wanted one of those things to haul his kids and grandchildren. He would always admire them and make comments how he would like to have one one day whenever he would see one.

As a matter of fact, whats funny is that on Tuesday, we drove past a white 15 passenger van and my Mom said, "Pa... look... its your car!" My Dad looked over and was like, "Yeah... don't you like it, koun?" We were just like... whatever... that thing is huge. And my Parents just laughed to themselves. I then sort of explained it to my Sister that its a car that Daddy had always wanted, and thats why my Mom said that its my Dad's car. Little did we know that my Parents had tricked us all this time! LOL!!!!

We're not upset or angry that they bought the car. As a matter of fact, we're glad that they did because its something that they've always wanted and we want them to be happy. We just find it funny that they tried to hide it from us (they parked it over at my Brother's house) and told my Aunt and Uncle not to tell us. LMAO! Their reasoning is that they always have to bring two SUVs whenever we have a family event, so this van will eliminate the need of two seperate cars. Besides, they were going to rent the car for two weeks in May (for relative's wedding in LB) and then again in August (for my wedding receoption in LB). AND... they're going to have three daughters living in California and they're going to visit often with their grandkids. They know that airline tickets are cheap, but they said that they're going to need a car to get around in Cali themselves and my Mom has this fear of flying. If she could, she would rather drive anywhere... even to Cambodia! LOL!

Each one of my siblings laughed really hard when they found out. I told Sam that my parents got the 15 passenger van and he yelled, "a... what?!?!?!?!?" LMAO! Yeah... pretty funny.

Ahhhh... my Parents. So funny! We had a good big ol' family laugh at home last night. Good times. I asked my Parents what other secrets they have hiding from us... do we have other brothers and sisters we don't know about? They laughed and promised that that was the ONLY secret they tried to keep from us and unfortunately, it didn't last long. LOL. They're so freakin' cute!

Our new PIMP Mobile! We're gonna pimp it out!!

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  1. hahahahaha!!!! a 15 passenger van!!! i think a road trip is in order