March 1, 2009

Oh Damn...


Okay... so after much thought and believing that I was going to stay in all weekend, I was left with no other choice than to go out on Friday night. I mean... I was pretty much given no choice and no room for excuses since my wonderful friend Mary was coming to pick me up. It was a "Traffic Light" party... where if you're single then you're in green, red if you're taken, and yellow if you're somewhere in between. Of course, I was decked out in red... DUH! We got over to Unie's place, picked up Unie and Jane while Shine and Alan were driving next to us (LOL)... and then made it to Tia Lou's just in time. We got in... got drunk... but not drunk enough. Some dude came up to me and started talking to me as if it wasn't obvious that I was taken and kept on tryin' to talk to me. He wasn't ugly at first, but then became VERY ugly later. Anyway... later on Mary and I went upstairs to the balcony and he was talking to his friend and goes, "hey.. isn't that the girl I was tryin' to hit on?" and his friend was like, "yeah... blah blah blah... something something... I don't know". So the dude comes and tries to talk to me again. I'm friendly and I'm just like... yeah yeah... whatever whatever... small talk small talk... whatever, right? Then later on he was like, "so where's your boyfriend?" and I told him that he's not here... blah blah. Then his dumbass was like, "I bet he's a faggot, huh?"... and thats when I said HELL no and slapped the guy. Then he goes on tryin' to say some more shit to push me even more and I swear that if it wasn't for the other girls tryin' to hold Mary and I back, we probably would have killed him. Thank goodness Mary was there and was like, "actually, he's NOT a faggot... blah blah"... because I was just yelling at the f*cken idiot. Loser... seriously. Anyway... short man syndrome with nothing better to say and just talks out of his ass to make himself feel better. I doubt it worked though. If anything, he probably just felt more stupid.

So... Mary and I started getting HUNGRY for a cream cheese hot dog... and it was only 11 something PM... and so we decided to hop on out of Tia Lou's and sneak over to the hot dog stand in front of Venom (the best one). We got our hot dog and split it and decided to get another one later (haha) and then stopped at Venom because we felt so guilty for never going there anymore. We were greeted with our favorite bouncer who immediately handed us the VIP passes and drink tickets and told us to have some drinks on him. HAHA.. we love Nergio!! Then... went in and Zac insisted on buying us drinks. So we couldn't decline... haha! Within 15 minutes, we just had three shots. Holy shit... we forgot that we left our friends at Tia Lou's... along with our coats in coat check! So we told them that we'd be back and you can tell that they didn't believe us and thought that we were just using them for the free drinks... but that wasn't the case! Luckily these clubs are within a block distance from each other! Anyway... we went back to Tia Lou's... and Lee and his roommates showed up! YAY!!! So... I texted Zac and asked if he can get my friends back into Venom and of course he replied with OF COURSE!! So... before we made our way back to Venom, this guy insisted on buying Mary and I a drink. We're like... SURRRRRE! And he bought us each a double shot of crown! WTF! I did NOT wanna drink that shit and was trying so hard to sneak away to give it to Lee but the dude was following me and there was NO WAY that I could have gave it away without him seeing it. So yup... had to take the drinks there. LOL! Then... left to Venom and Dao was so excited that she ran down the hill and fucken fell! OMG! She's so crazy! Oh yeah... Jane came too! YAY!!! I think Lee's a little sprung on her at the moment! HAHA... got back to Venom and saw my freakin' cousins there! It was a mini family reunion and then I don't remember, but there were two shots given to me back to back, I took them, and the rest of the night was a freakin' blur!!

The next morning, I woke up at the edge of Unie's bed and apparently, I wouldn't eat the other hot dog they got me at the end of the night... I don't remember how we got our coats back from Tia Lou's... and they told me that we all went to eat in Chinatown and I refused to get out of the car and I slept in the car the whole time. Holy shit... I don't think its ever been that bad for me. I mean... HOW IN THE WORLD DO I GIVE UP FOOD????? Oh... and Roth took us home and we left the car in chinatown. I threw up that morning... Mary brought me home... and I stayed in bed for 30 hours straight. Notice I didn't even log online yesterday and I didn't make it out to Melaine's birthday nor Jill's. HORRIBLE! Never doing that again! Oh yeah... thank you Lee, Roth, and David for the 40 something missed calls that night. I don't know what they wanted, but they were blowing up my phone and I didn't even realize it. Usually, I would wake up to my phone even when its on silent! Oh... and drunken texts are horrible. I don't think I wanna bring my phone out with me anymore. HAHA!

Okay... so there I go letting out my dirty laundry about a drunken night but whatever. This will be a reminder to me... don't drink so much anymore. I honestly wasn't planning on going out... but even Sam encouraged me to go out, so now I blame it on him! HAHAHA!!!

Oh... and did I mention that while waiting for Mary, I decided to give myself bangs? Haha... not sure if I really like it, but too late! It will grow back in a few days... watch!

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