March 6, 2009

Please Pray

Last night, after being at the hospital, I had a chance to talk to the doctors and my oldest Brother who was there almost throughout the whole day. They have yet to place him in an actual room... he is in the Express Care Unit, which is pretty much a hallway with beds.

I finally heard the whole story, and I'm not impressed. When he was admitted into the hospital three weeks ago, they did find a lump, but St. Clare's hospital said that it was minute and he can wait to see a cancer specialist on March 15th. Three weeks later (yesterday), he was admitted to a different hospital (St. Joseph's) and we were told that if we waited any longer, we could have lost him. As you can see, March 15th would have been WAY too late.

Now, we were told that there is nothing else that they can do. The cancer has spread all throughout his body, even his spine. He's in his last stages and we were told that he has about three days to live, give or take. Again, March 15th would have been way too late. The doctors at St. Joseph's told us that he has had this for over a year now. How could St. Clare's not have seen anything wrong? I should have known. St. Clare's is known for being negligent with their patients. I really don't even know why they're still standing.

My Uncle is a strong man... he doesn't show his pain and you would never hear him complan no matter how much anything hurts. Yesterday, when he saw me come in the room, he STILL tried to push himself up to see me. My Uncle, a Man who once stood 5'11 at 160 pounds has now shrunk to a mere 5'6 at 105 pounds... and this happened over a three month period. I tried to be strong and not let him see me cry, but he saw. I gave him a hug, and he was a bit shaken by it. I kissed him on the cheek many times and I'm not sure if he was annoyed, but I don't care. I have to let him know that I love him and even in this condition, I'm not afraid of being close to him.

What hurts even more is that when he heard about my engagement the last time he saw me, he teased and said that he never goes to anyone's wedding... he usually sends money with others as gifts, but he's definitely coming to his niece's (mine). :( Now, I really hope the doctors are wrong. I really really hope so.

His Wife is also sick, and she has not yet been to the hospital to see him. This morning, he requested for her. I'm on my way to go pick her up to see him. My heart's going to break.

Please, if you're reading this... please please pray for my Uncle. Thank You.


  1. sending warmest regards, my best wishes and many many's been a crazy 2009 so far. so many people close to me are being diagnosed with cancer.. *sigh*

  2. Thanks Kuntha. I believe in miracles. I really, really do.