March 26, 2009

Star Struck...

After my Uncle's funeral last weekend, my Sister and I drove down to California VERY early the next morning. She had already missed a week of work and couldn't afford to miss any more. I helped drive a good 4 hours out of 19! LOL! I don't think she really trusted me with her car, but even she admit that she needed a break. :D

We got in early the next morning and pretty much spent most of the day recuperating in bed. The next morning, I had to be at the airport by 5 something am since my plane was leaving to come home at 7am. Yes, it was a VERY short "trip", if that, but I didn't want to leave my Parents at home by themselves for too long after all that they've been through.

While waiting for my flight, I noticed Somaly Mam there! Of course my bold ass went up to her to say hello! Surprisingly, she had heard about me! I'm guessing its through Ranny since she recently met her in Cambodia and I was the one who suggested her foundation to Ranns when she was trying to figure out which charity to work for. Chit chatted with her for a little while... then she gave me her card and told me to contact her! Ahhh... I know she probably gives the card out to everyone she meets, but I still felt special! :D She's so sweet and even more inspiring in person!

Barely slept on my plane ride because JetBlue is the worst airline I've ever flown with... and I've flown on quite a bit of different airlines. Got to SeaTac airport and I heard someone yell out my name. It was Nara, her Mom, her Sister, and her niece (the one who has a love/hate relationship with me). They were flying to LB for a week and were just about to hop on the plane I just got off of. Hopefully their flight was better than mine. I'm going to believe that it was just the morning turbulence caused by the morning clouds? Haha... okay whatever.

Parents picked me up and since we were already there... we had some Dim Sum in the morning. Yum! It was nice to sit down and actually talk to my parents for the first time in weeks. They'd been so busy with much on their minds. Damn... I love them.

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