October 12, 2007

Blaming Actions on Alcohol

Listening to the T-Man show in the morning always gets me worked up over the idiots who call in. So this morning, a guy calls in asking what he should do since he got plastered drunk last weekend and woke up with a naked girl on top of him... and he only had a shirt on... the rest was off. Oh... and he has a serious girlfriend. The idiot wanted to know if sleeping with the girl was considered cheating since he was so drunk and didn't remember a thing.

Well, my idiot... it IS cheating and you should not blame your idiotic actions on alcohol. People who cheat shouldn't be in a relationship in the first place... and people who aren't going to take responsibility for their actions while they're drunk shouldn't be drinking! It also goes to show that the dude is an idiot for asking the damn question on a popular radio show that his girlfriend, her friends, and/or family may listen to. *shakes head* Personally, I think calls like these are for people who are just looking for strangers to stroke their ego or give them a pat on the back for being such a senseless and horny pig.

Don't know the girl personally, but I didn't realize that people are still this sleezy nowadays. Disgusting.

I called into the show, and finally got through and the operator took my name and put me on cue to be on the air. I was driving to work at the time, and after being on cue for 14 minutes, I was at work and didn't feel like waiting on the line any longer. Whats interesting is that I heard the show about 15 seconds over the phone before I heard it on the radio. I didn't know that radios had that much of airtime delay. Bleh... wasted 14 good minutes of my anytime minutes! But hey... at least the operator was nicer this time. He said that my opinions were "wonderful" and he called me "sweetie". Much better than the homie who hung up on me when I was trying to yell at the host for bagging on Britney. Again.

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