October 18, 2007

"I'll Love YOU forever..."

I love people watching. I find it relaxing, yet intriguing. You see things that break your heart, rethink certain things in life, and sometimes, things that are heartwarming and make you go, "awww...". And no, I am not a stalker or peeping tom of any kind. I'm just sometimes very observant and analytical.

What do I love seeing as I people watch? Many things... but what gets me most is seeing elders. It makes me wonder what kind of life they have led and what brought them to where they are now. I think its adorable when I see a group of elders dining out together or just hanging out... it lets me assume that the circle of friends have lasted a long, long time. It then gets me wondering about my circle(s) of friends and if we are going to be like that one day... gray, but happy to be together. What's even sweeter? When old couples are together... holding hands or simply kissing one another on the cheeck or using words of endearment towards their love. I then assume that they've been together for a long time and still live by their wedding vows. When they say, "I'll love you forever", they meant it... and thats how it should be. :)

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