October 10, 2007

Promise Rings

Since I've been driving longer ways to work now, I've been listening to more radio. I'm thankful for the T-Man show (as annoying as he may be, there are some really interesting and thought provoking topics).

Anyhow, this morning... I realized something. T-Man's right... a "Promise Ring" is really a "get off my back" ring! Seriously! If someone is going to make a promise to you to marry you... or ask you to marry him, he's going to give you an engagement ring... not a "Shut Her Up" ring! Its a way for guys to keep you stringing along believing that he will one day propose to you. Bleh... just cut the chase and do it already then! If he gives you a "promise ring"... its an "I promise to break your heart" or an "I promise to marry someone else but promise to keep you around for now" ring. Chances are, he has no intentions of marrying your ass! :)

I'm keeping this in mind and when/if I ever receive one, I'll chuck it at his head. Just a little FYI. ;)

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