October 25, 2007

Mascara Dilemma

I can't believe I had a full night's dream about a mascara dilemma. Does this mean that I am superficial or that I am only concerned about physical appearance and cosmetics? I don't think that I'm too superficial nor am I materialistic, but cosmetics is just one of my interests and its a form of art that I enjoy.

Anyhow... on to my dream. It seemed like I was in Nordstrom or something, and I was at the MAC counter trying to pick up a Zoom Lash mascara. It turned out that it was discontinued because the mascara made lashes WAY too full. I'm thinking, "isn't that the freakin' point though?". Then I said, "okay... can I get a tube of Fiber Lash then?" The salesperson told me that the wand was too crazy and that it was also discontinued. What the hell is the world coming to? I said "FINE!" and decided to settle for the Pro Lash mascara. What do you know? They were out of stock! I was ready to slit someone's throat! Finally, I decided to forget MAC and get my beloved DiorShow mascara by Christian Dior. After making the purchase, I was beating myself up for paying nearly $50 for a tube of mascara! I contemplated... and came to my senses... "thats two weeks worth of lunch almost!" and decided to return that mascara. HAHAHA... this was all a dream!

I woke up this morning panicking that maybe I was really out of mascara, so I went to double check. What do you know? I have ALL of those Mascaras and about a dozen more that are all barely used. I could breathe and was happy all over again!

I don't know why I would dream such thing, but I'm guessing its because sometimes, I just skip the whole mascara process because I'm too lazy. I guess this was a wake up call for me to appreciate mascara much more... haha!!!

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