October 25, 2007

Countdown until Christmas!

Exactly two more months until Christmas. Yay... I can't wait! My favorite holiday really IS the best time of year! Hopefully I'll get to see most of my family (if not all) around that time. Kind of sucks having such a huge family because its nearly impossible to coordinate everyone's schedule so that we can spend some quality time together. But I guess we can't have our cake and eat it too... although I don't know why you would even want a piece of cake to sit there and mold... but thats another entry in itself... haha!

Just like how its been the past couple of years, our family room is going to be jam packed with gifts for everyone... not just the kids. I guess my family grew out of the whole mindset where only kids get presents. Nope... I think I deserve presents just as much as the kids do... if not more! LOL! Its nice to see my parents laughing and smiling... cheering the kids on while they open their presents though. My dad... haha... I think he enjoys the kiddos' gifts more than his own!

Anyway... I want to start Christmas shopping early.. and actually enjoy it. Hopefully, money wouldn't be such an issue this year round. I'll have my fingers crossed and pray that I get a huge bonus for a job well done at work. So far, so good... !

Oh... and I can't help but look around for things I'd like for myself. I don't think its selfish... its self rewarding! ;)

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