October 31, 2007

I love Lauren AKA LC!

(conversation with David and I)

David: i saw you on the hills last night kissing brody
me: LOL whatever
David: dude she reminds me so much of u... dunno y
me: who?
David: taht girl on the hills
me: LC aka Lauren?
David: lauren?
David: yea
me: LOL... she's hott!
me: so i'll take that as a compliment! [grin]
David: u should
David: lol
David: shes cool too
me: I'm cooler!
David: hmmmm
David: hahahaha
David: yea right
David: ur thyda
me: thyda = coolest
David: thyda = not cool at all
me: btw... she has great style! LOL
me: I'm gonna make a blog entry with what you said...
me: thats how much of a compliment I take it as... LOL
David: hahah
David: nah
David: for reals u remind me of her a lot
David: u should pop a boner of that compliment


  1. i think he was referring to lauren hill

  2. LOL! Can I be Whitney or Lo? I would've listed Audrina, but she's kind of getting on my nerves right now, haha.