November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

This year's Halloween was a little bit crazy. I didn't get to leave work as early as I would have liked to to take the kids out Trick 'O' Treating. Actually, I got home just in time, but my sister, brother, and sister in law already took the kids out before I even made it to the front door. I called my mom and asked her to get the kids ready for me since I would be home in about ten minutes, and she told me that the kids had already left, but to hurry home anyway since she was home by herself and there were too many trick o treaters that she was kind of scared being home alone (my dad was over at my aunt's house dropping something off before my aunt leaves to Cambodia). Anyway, I got home and it took me about 2 hours to finally take off my shoes fully and sit down. Why? Because the doorbell rang about every five minutes whenever I tried to sit down. My mom thought that it was funny how every time I brought the spoon to my mouth, the doorbell rang and I had to rest my spoon... and she was relieved that she wasn't the one who had to pass out the candy. My mom always insists that we give out the good kind of candy and that we give the kids a lot. Bleh. I hollered over to my mom sitting in the living room asking her, "Mak... should I give them one or two?" She yelled back really loudly, "Ey... ouy kay tai mouy tae?" I'm like... yes... how many do you expect me to give them? She told me that she gave them a handful... and these are the good chocolates like Reese's, Twix, Almond Joy, Hershey's we're talking about here. I laughed... and then she continued to tell me that at first, she was ONLY giving the kids about 5, then my sister who moved out to Port Angeles called and told her to not give out so many, and so she started to give the kids about 10 or let them grab their own handful just to jokingly go against my sister. LOL! Now you see where I get my hardheadedness from? Mom said that it only happens once a year and that she feels bad for the kids... for working hard to get dressed up and then have to walk through the cold knocking houses door to door just to get a few pieces of candy... might as well make it worthwhile for them... after all, they're kids. :)

My brother was a bit annoyed and not so in the spirit since last Halloween gave his son countless cavities because he ate the candies nonstop. He told his kids, "eat what you can now, because when you get home... they're going in the garbage!" LOL! My mom was mad because she said that my brother had no pity for the sweets addicted kids... and then went on and reminded him that when he was their age, he was far worse! She asked him, "how old are you and how old are your kids? don't pick a fight with them... you're their parent!" My brother jokingly responded, "then why are you allowed to pick a fight with me and i can't pick a fight with them?" My mom asked, "how old are you and how old are they?" I thought it was pretty funny so I jumped in with, "Mom... how old are you and how old is he?" I think my mom got a bit age sensitive and yelled at me, "Don't jump in... how old are you?" I said, "See... now you're picking a fight with me... how old are you and how old am I?" (hahaha... keep in mind that this was all for fun and we were laughing throughout... sort of) She goes, "you're old enough to be someone's mother!" Thats when I knew to just walk away before she gets into her lecture mode about how I'm so immature for my age... need to grow up... blah blah. I quit, mom!!


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