November 7, 2007

Rushin' from Russia!

So Nack got me this Russian fur hat from... well, Russia. Haha... we couldn't figure out what exactly it is, but I'm guessing its rabbit fur. Hehe... that actually wasn't my first guess. Gio, Grace, and Nack insisted that its rabbit hair... but I truly thought that it was bear fur! Even now, I don't see how my guess is so off... people hunt bears and I'm sure they do something with those cozy furs of theirs. Nevertheless, its sooooo soft and I never thought I would like things like that or wear anything like it... but its REALLY cute! Ahhh... should have taken a picture in it. Next time, next time! Freakin' Nack must have spent an arm and a leg for it since real fur doesn't come cheap. He mentioned that it was his most expensive souvenir, and for some reason, I feel guilty but pleased to know that I am somewhat special! Haha... he kept the fake one for himself... poor Nack... but thanks!! :D I don't want to mess with it too much because it sheds like crazy. Can you imagine wearing a fur hat... thats bald? o_O Jeepers, creepers!

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