November 29, 2007


Man... been busy all this week and barely had time to update my blog (obviously).

It was hard to wake up and get back to the usual routine on Monday. My sleeping habit during the four day weekend was ALL jacked up and catching a cold sure didn't help. Talk about major work overload on Monday though... ugh... the downfall of having a nice, long, relaxing weekend... you come back to a stack of work that needs to get caught up or done. Bleh!

One of the girls in our office, her family owns a winery. Her dad was sweet enough to drop off some bottles of wine at the office that day along with some turkey soup that I missed out on. Most everyone who was in the office that day stayed and hung out after work over some good ol' crackers, cheese, and wine! I'm not much of a wine drinker, but Grace is! She came by earlier than our scheduled dinner/happy hour date and got to meet most of my coworkers. I think my friends would get along great with my coworkers... some of the sweetest people I could ever imagine working with! :D After a few, Nara, Sunaro, and Pearl joined us at Noc Noc... a bar just around the corner from my office. The Happy Hour there is great! Check this out... we got one whole bottle of wine, my rum and pineapple juice, and 7 appetizers for only $25! What a freakin' deal, right? And the servings were pretty big that Grace got to take some of it home with her that night... hehe! And another great thing, its right by work so whoever joins in can just park in my parking garage... thats if other cars have already left and there's parking available. My head was pounding though... and the loud music (that wasn't there the last time I was there with Nack, Grace, and Chanh) was not helping. I guess there was music and dancing (like a club) on Tuesday nights. A few of my coworkers ended up there too... and they told me the next day that they actually stayed to dance! Hehe... so funny! By the time I got home that night, I was literally crawling into bed!

Oh... I found out that I have Monday, December 31st and Tuesday, January 1st off. Freakin' A... and I am going to Vegas the weekend AFTER. Stupid! Should have better planned things. Now, if I am getting a fat bonus like I'd like to, I'm definitely going somewhere for New Years! A four day weekend doesn't happen very often, so you'd bet I'm going to take advantage of it! :D

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