November 19, 2007


If only all weekends were like this past one, I'd be drained out of my mind!

Friday was my coworker's birthday. She initially didn't want to do anything for this day because she felt that hitting the big 4-0 was nothing to celebrate... even when she looks nothing like a day past 25 and probably the youngest looking in the office... no kidding! Change of plans though... we decided to go out for drinks after work anyhow at a club/bar around the corner called, "Noc Noc". I walk past this joint every single day, and it was my first time actually going in. A pretty neat spot thats great for happy hours and a quick drink. The bartender could have sped it up a little and did something about his overly greased hair, but thats just my opinion. Anyway... it was cool to hang out with a few of my coworkers that night. They had invited me to go out with them bar/club hopping, but I declined since I didn't drive into work that day, or else I would have SO been there! After two "Sweet Action" (SO GOOD... probably my new favorite drink) and two "Chocolate Cakes" with the birthday girl and company, I was set for the night. Before leaving though, we decided to do the same for MY birthday... and they teased me for being such a youngin' that they can't keep up. Little do they know that I'm probably the first one to go out of all of them, despite the age difference. I feel like such a party pooper and homebody lately... but I don't mind.

On Saturday, it was Girls' Day Out. I never got a chance to really hang out with my sister in law without my brother for about 6 years that they've been married. She had never explored downtown and wanted some shoes, so I killed two birds with one stone. We went shoe shopping... hehe... and she went a little crazy. Natalie and Rachany tagged along... and Rachany even got a chance to draw me a picture to keep in my office. I think she liked the Mr. Sketch scented markers a little bit too much though. Anyway... we explored Westlake Mall, where we also ate and got each an umbrella since it was halfway pouring outside that afternoon. Rachany's pink umbrella was taller than her, but she insisted on being a big girl and carrying it herself anyway... it was quite a sight. I got a little crazy at Nordstrom and managed to score myself a free gift from Express for spending more than $25 that day... which is so easy to do, I can do it with my eyes closed! We also made our way down to Tiffany's... where the salesperson insisted I try on the necklaces that go with my toggle bracelet that Sam got me for our anniversary (thanks Babe!). The necklace was HUGE, and I honestly don't think that I would get much wear out of it. Thank goodness Sam didn't get that for me since he originally wanted to get that rather than the bracelet. I love my bracelet... its simple and just perfect. Besides, I already love the Journey diamond necklace he got me almost a year ago for my birthday. Yes, I'm pretty spoiled by him... oops!

We managed to stop by Sephora on the way back... and Rachany looked like she was in heaven! She picked out a hot pink lipstick that Natalie put on for her. Throughout the store, people were just pointing out how adorable she was with her lipstick and fluffy white jacket. That girl's a Thyda in the making... and her head is almost as large. Hey... at least she was polite enough to say thank you to each and everyone of them who fed her young little ego! By the time we left downtown, she was already too tired to walk and fell asleep instantly when we got back in the car. We stopped by Southcenter on the way back and I said, "Rachany, you wanna go to another Sephora... the place where they have lots of 'aw-aw' (what she calls makeup and jewelry... originating from the Khmer word, 'la-aw')?" The 3 year old got up real quick with her eyes half shut, but nodding rapidly! LOL... that girl is such a tomboy... but a girly girl at heart... I can't explain it! Anyways... I did more damage... but they were all on necessities. Needless to say, it was a tiring day full of shopping and walking... I was pooped.

Sunday, I had to pick something up in the International District for my sister. I decided it should be a fun day with the kids and I... so I took Natalie, Justin, and Kenneth with me for the ride. Afterwards, since we were already in the area, we had Teriyaki downtown... that was so so. I knew how much the kids were fascinated with trains, so I brought them on the next best thing... the monorail! We rode to Seattle Center, where it was just too cold to really enjoy the rides outdoors. We stayed in the indoors arcade there, played some games, Kenneth beat Natalie in a game of Air Hockey (he's 7... she's 13... lol), wanted to ride the Bumper Cars but the two munchkins weren't tall enough. We decided that from that day on, they'd eat more so they can grow big, strong... and tall enough for bumper cars! After awhile, we headed back to our car and headed back down south.

I noticed that Justin's hair was getting really long, so I knew he was in need of a haircut. He liked his long hair though because he had been asking me to put it in a little mohawk for him everytime we went out. He's adorable with it, but even so, it was just too long. We stopped at SuperMall on the way back and were hunting for a good place to cut his hair. There was a place that was asking for $20 for a kids' haircut. Geez louise... thats the cost of an adult's haircut and tips at some places! LOL! We found the perfect one shortly after, though. While we waited, we flipped through the magazines and Justin couldn't seem to find a haircut that he liked. Finally, I asked him, "do you want to cut your hair like Pu Sam?" He said that he didn't remember what it looked like, so I took a picture of him from my wallet and showed him. He smiled and nodded his head. Then, the lady came to ask us how we wanted his hair cut, and there I was whipping out my boyfriend's picture to show her! LOL! She said, "that's a big boy's haircut... you're a little boy!" I told her, "he wants to look like a MAN... please make him a MAN and cut it like that". So she did! Justin was nervous, yet smiling throughout. When she was done, Justin was definitely a man (who has a hard time buttoning his jeans, but thats another story!).

Isn't he handsome? (She wasn't done in this picture... obviously)

He was so proud of his haircut, that he decided he would go back to that same lady! Got home and I told my mom the story about me pulling out Sam's picture to show the hair stylist, and she laughed. My dad loved the haircut and said the lady did a great job!

I made some spaghetti with mushroom and meat sauce, but was still too full to eat. I made the kids eat though... even if they were still full, I reminded them that they want to be tall enough for bumper cars next time!

Later, we went to Barnes and Nobles where the kids read some books to me over hot chocolate. Then, it was time to come home and rest up for the short week ahead of all of us. But boy, was it a fun weekend!


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