November 7, 2007


A characteristic that I've inherited from my middle name of "procrastinator", is that I am messy. I think thats awful... two horrible worlds all in one... but they sure do go hand in hand. It only makes sense, right? "I will clean up later"... "I will do that later"... "I will put this away later". Right now, my room is a mess. Well, I guess I'd rather be a messy person than a dirty person... but thats just me. I don't know what it is... but I can't seem to get myself to spare 30 seconds to hang up my jacket when I get home at the end of the day. In the morning, I swear I'd be late if I took a few extra minutes to put away the clothes that I tried on but voted against. Then I get into the habit of promising myself to put it away when I get home, but as expected, those were only empty promises. I mean... who am I kidding? I get home pretty late and then find myself occupied playing with my niece and nephews, eating, chatting up a storm with my mom, watching my Thai movies, or changing the color of my toe nails. Then, its time to drift away in deep sleep... snoring and drooling while the boyfriend is on the other line of the phone.

I've gotta change my habits. I mean... I really don't think my room had ever been nice and tidy for more than 3 consecutive days at a time.

Oh, and to top everything off, I am a huge pack rat. I try to save every little thing I could thinking that I would someday need to or would want to use it or see it again. I always get yelled at for saving odds and ends and people give me a harder time for wasting my money on "ka pek, ka pok" stuff. I can't help it... I'm easily amused. I mean... who would have thought of inventing perfectly round and swirly paper clips!?!?


  1. u, a pack rat? lmao. i wonder what the inside of ur car looks like.:D