November 6, 2007

Very Sexy?

The Very Sexy (New) Secret Embrace reversible flip bra. "Goes from solid to sexy in seconds. Introducing our first-ever bra that can truly be worn either way. Wear solid side facing out, then switch to show off prints on reverse. Demi shape with our revolutionary patent-pending seamless Secret Embrace™ technology. Seam free. Label free. Stitch free. Secret underwire is completely enclosed for smooth comfort. Twinned adjustable straps are convertible to racerback or halter."

I don't know about you people, but nipple showin' and fallin' out of a bra is anything but VERY sexy. Secret Embrace? HA! Nothing's a secret anymore with this! I don't mean to bash on the product THAT bad, but the TWO times I've worn this bra (including right now), I've been having to run to the bathroom to hook the strap back into this thing. I admit, the fit is great and I love how its very light weight and non padded... but the bullshit strap just keeps on coming undone! I'm going to stick to my tried and true IPEX... probably the best bra ever made. :)

I would go back and return this thing for my $45.00 plus tax, but I feel bad for returning a titty bra (in Grace's words... haha) that I've already worn.


  1. Looks pretty sexy to me, but I'm just your typical guy.

  2. the bra looks photoshopped or rubbery, but still nice to look at.:D