November 5, 2007

Expo Details!

The girls and I had a little bit too much fun at the Fall Bridal Spectacular. Actually, there's no such thing as too much fun... it was just perfect! We had dim sum beforehand and as usually, I grubbed. Took forever to get the beloved chicken feet, shrimp balls and shu-mai (sp?), but it was still good. Little did we know that there was going to be food at the event. If we did, we would have skipped out on dim sum and save us a few bucks and room in our tummies! :D

Anyway, there were lots of food vendors, cake designers and bakers, florists, photographers (of course) and venue representatives... and much more. I'm glad that Nara chose China Harbor, but now I realize that there are so many other options for venues that are nice. I think she got a few ideas in mind now... on top of what she had in mind before the event. Yay! The show is finally somewhat on the road!

After eating so much food that they had (the place was like Costco times ten!) , I got a bit delirious. Not intentionally, but I'm guessing that it was from all the sugars in those cakes that we sampled. I managed to get a few brain freezes from the pomegranate smoothies (yummy!) that they served. LOL! So Sunaro and I were in the bathroom, and I was brushing my hair and for some reason, I must have thought that my brush was a paper towel because after I was done, I tossed it across the way into the trash can like it was a used paper towel and exclaimed, "Okay lets go!" It took me a few seconds to realize, "did I just toss my brush into the trash can?" Sunaro, laughing, was like, "yes you did, you retard!" Haha... I like my brush so I shamelessly dug it back up! I don't know why my mind went so blank that led me to do that. I guess it was just one of those moments that you had to be there, because Sunaro and I found it hilarious, but after explaining the scenario to people, not so much. I continued to start hearing things and said "thank you" to the wrong people at the wrong time for the wrong reasons (if any). This older man, who was a DJ tried to talk to Grace and I as we were walking out to the convention center lobby to grab coffee. This is how it went...

DJ: Here's a CD full of my music. I have a huge variety... I even sing in Tagalog.
Thyda: Okay.
DJ: Do you speak Tagalog?
Thyda: No.
DJ: Oh...
** long silence and "these girls are stupid and don't know their own language look **
DJ: Do your parents speak Tagalog?
Thyda: No.
Grace: We're not FILIPINO!!!
DJ: Oh okay... what nationality are you?
Grace: We're Cambodian.
DJ: Oh... alright. I have a friend who is a priest... he's Cambodian.
Thyda & Grace: *silence*
DJ: His name is Trang Wong. (or something like that)

... so Grace and I knew damn well that the name he told us sounded nothing like a Cambodian name. Didn't feel like arguing or talking to him anymore and so we both smiled and nodded and went about our way to Tully's. I nearly broke the CD in half at the thought of how he was so persistent on assuming that we were Filipino. I have nothing against Filipinos... its just annoying when a complete stranger tries to act like he knows us and assume to the extreme.

Oh... and check this out. I'm all up for freebies, giveaways, and sweepstakes, right? These was this booth with 4 or 5 ladies just standing there with no visitors. The sight of it was somewhat sad and I saw a sign that says, "Win a FREE Facial"! Of course, you know my mooching ass would be the first one to go there. As Grace and I filled out the drawing entries with our fake information knowing that they'll probably harass us into their little Mary Kay pyramid scheme, the ladies agreed aloud, "You two look like sisters!" I took it as a huge compliment because everyone knows that Grace is good looking, so I curiously asked them, "Really? Thanks... but how do we look alike?" The ladies again agreed, "well... you know... you both have black hair..." What the hell? So if Whoopi Goldberg and I were to stand next too each other, those ladies would probably think that we look alike too. Now THAT would have been hilarious!

We managed to get front row center seats at the fashion show. How? Because we went to save our seats over an hour before the show started. While waiting for the show to start, we didn't put a stop to our food sampling ways. Turns out that Famous Daves was giving away small trays of food to people. The evil step sisters (haha) made me go get food for them! Hmph! It was funny though... and I got a chance to talk to the vendors... friendly people! Then I decided to go get myself a drink and since I have two hands, I might as well get two drinks and someone can have the other one. Grace took the other one, and Nara took mine. That meanie! She threatened to drink my drink if I didn't go get her one. :( I went and got her and Sunaro each one... and she drank my drink anyway! LOL... PUNK! Anyways... good stuff! The fashion show was cool... although I expected a lot more out of it. The dresses... some were nice, but it was nothing to really ooh and ahh about. I guess it was just nice to see what's there. There was also men's wear in the fashion show... haha! >_<

After it was all over, we decided to go look for the bridesmaids' dresses in downtown. We tried on some... and I think Nara decided to change her wedding theme color. Well... it wasn't set in stone before, so it was a good thing that we saw other options. I'm getting really excited at the thought of it all and when we're actually trying to figure things out for it. Ahhhh... how nerve wrecking it probably is for the bride and groom to be! :D I can't wait!

Oh... forgot to mention that we got little freebies from the expo. I haven't taken a look at the heavy wedding book we hauled around and didn't get to browse through the magazine yet, but I will. I have a few cute little nail files that I'm excited to use when I get back home tonight... now its the big decision, what is my nail color gonna be?

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