November 16, 2007

Retail Therapy

Really, it works! So I've been a bit bummed out since I won't be in California this weekend. My friends there are having a pre-Thanksgiving get together and included me in the email list just in case I can make it. Unfortunately, I can't. With planned trips down there in December and Vegas in January, I realistically couldn't afford to add another trip in so last minute. *sigh*

Yesterday, I finally took off from work on time. (I usually stay later by choice... its just more convenient and the traffic dies down when I do decide to leave) I didn't go straight home though. Instead, I made a friendly visit to Nordstrom and Macy's. I haven't had shopping urges in awhile. Actually, I do every now and then but never seem to get myself to buy anything since I want to be a little bit more frugal and cautious with my money. Well, I broke that streak. I indulged in two new pairs of jeans (one I'm wearing today and got three compliments from the office of only 9 for the day... thank you very much), and 4 shirts. I'm not too pleased with one of them, but I got it for a really good price, so I'll probably keep it and find something to do with it later down the line. Anyway, it was quite therapeutic and I feel less crummy about myself and the fact that I can't join in on the festivities. Hey... whatever works, right?

Lets just hope that I won't get back into my old habits of spending carelessly. You ought to be proud of me though... I bought all those items for the amount that I used to spend on a pair of 7 jeans... and maybe a pair of earrings! :p

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