November 12, 2007


I admit, though I live in a really rainy city, I rarely use an umbrella. Sometimes, my reasoning is that I'm not coordinated enough. Other days, I'm just too lazy or I feel that it would take longer to whip out an umbrella and put it away than to just sprint through the rain!

Anyway, last weekend, Nara, Grace, and I got matching umbrellas (LOL)! We all copied Nara since she found the cutest one first... hehe! I used it this morning and I thought to myself, "wow... what a great invention!" Really, it is! Inventions usually stream off from the simplest ideas. It made me wonder how many different designs of an "umbrella" inventors had to go through in order to find the modern umbrella that we use today. I'm sure it all started from holding a book or piece of cloth over the head in the rain. But come on... the umbrellas now are pretty nifty. Some can retract at the touch of a button... some can fold into the smallest form that can fit in a back pocket, and some are longer and can be used somewhat like a cane (like my new one... hehe). How many times did inventors mess up before getting it right, I wonder. Few years back, I saw umbrella hats... and thought those were neat too!

I think I just became overly fascinated with umbrellas... and I plan on getting a few more, just because. I used to think that they were hassles and useless, but they're anything but that. My next design on my umbrella shopping list? Black and white polka dots to match my luggage! :D

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