November 1, 2007

A bunch of BLAH BLAH BLAH...

I am in dying need of a vacation. The last time I was more than 40 miles away from home, was in July... at Cambodian Heritage Camp.

Now how in the world do I move up in the company quickly enough to be able to rack up 30+ days of vacation a year, travel for business on company time and expenses (of course), or just get filthy rich already? I guess this would mean a lot of determination and hard work. I know that I have the potential to make it big because I know that I am a great and hard worker... and an asset to whichever company I choose to work for. I think I just figured that too much modesty isn't always a good thing. I mean, if you don't see your own worth, how could anyone else? A closed mouth is a mouth left unfed... and I am hungry, dammit.

Its true... I haven't yet gotten my bachelor's degree (keyword: YET)... but I'm making a promise to myself to get that under my wing within the next few years. You can say that this is shameful... I wouldn't argue with you. In fact, I'm a bit disappointed in myself... but I haven't given up. School isn't for everybody, and to be honest... I don't think that its really the route for me, but I would like to have that degree and say, HA! I am a true believer in leading by example... and I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite when I encourage my children to further their education after high school in the future. So yes, there you have it... one of my goals written out and presented to the world that probably doesn't care, but I'd sure like to believe it does. ;)

Modesty aside, I think I am doing just fine for a 22 year old. I've started my career with many experiences... enough to build a foundation for my future, I believe. I am in an industry that I never would have imagined would be in the books for me, but its happening and is better than what I initially expected. I love what I do and I can support myself just fine. I wake up everyday not feeling like I'm dragging myself to work and I haven't yet complained or whined about what I do. In a nutshell, I am content, happy, and determined... and anyone who doubts me is encouraging me. Thank you.

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