November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving BRIEF Recap!

(because I don't have time to write up a new entry YET... this is a cut and paste from a KC post that I made)

It was my first time attempting to deep fry a turkey, and it turned out great! My family vowed to never bake a turkey again! I'll post pictures tomorrow... I had a cold all weekend and didn't do crap. :(

Anyway... it was awesome and I was voluntold to be the turkey fryer each year. I only got a small piece of the juicy turkey, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Every other year, there was always a bunch of left over turkey for sandwiches and stuff... but NONE this year. It was nothing but bones within an hour!

Yes, I'm proud!

Oh... and I bought the kit from Wal-Mart for $70 (has everything you'll need and you can use it for other things down the road. I'm thinking crawfish... soon!). Thing is... my mom gave me $50 because she really liked the set and my dad threw in another $50... even after I told him that mom already paid for it. And what do you know? My aunt gave me $50 thinking I spent a lot of money on the food... and my brother gave me $40. LOL... came up on Thanksgiving!

And we also had... sweet mashed potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, two pumpkin pies that I didn't have enough room in my tummy for, sausage/apple/walnut stuffing that I made (stole recipe from internet... it was bomb!), corn, green beans casserole (sis made it... not me), and BBQ ribs (I'm beating myself up for not having any).

Not to mention... yao hon! Dude... it was crazy... but I didn't eat the yao hon until the next day... LOL!

Does turkey make you sleepy? Because I fell asleep like a baby that evening... stuffed.

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