October 31, 2007

Would the REAL Thyda... please stand up?

"It is better to be disliked for what you are than to be liked for what you are not."

... I came across this quote yesterday on an old friend's myspace page. This quote holds so much truth in it and you would think that it wouldn't be necessary for anyone to actually read it or write it down for people to realize that THAT is the truth.

You know, there are many times when people judge me and think that I am "fake" because they don't believe that I am really the way I am and that the happy go lucky cloud niner and friendly image that I have is just a facade. What can I say? Those who believe that my true persona is just a facade don't really know me, do they? Therefore, they don't mean anything to me. Actually, I take that back... they're something to me. They're my source for laughs and a pot of humor... and they give me more reason to keep on being the way I am. Thats just me... I like to prove people wrong and laugh in their faces when people doubt me. I still can't think of a word that best describes that characteristic of mine... someone please help me out.

Back to the quote... let me go ahead and list what I am and what I am not... just so there wouldn't be any confusion for those who choose to like or dislike me. I have all the time in the world... well... my bus ride is about 15 more minutes. I guess I should have started this sooner, but I was just too busy engulfing myself in the Vanity Fair magazine that I tried hard to get into but couldn't. Politics just aren't my thing... darn me.

- I sleep with my mouth open... and I snore. I often wake up to a puddle either on my pillow, my shirt, or my hair.
- My feet are of different sizes... one is longer than the other that is wider than that longer one.
- Hands... huge. I have manly hands... and they're bigger than 60% of guys I know.
- I am LOUD... and I often get on people's nerves when I talk too much.
- I'm probably the most random person you'd ever meet... or speak to.
- My short term memory is something I wish I could fix... but ginseng doesn't help. I often think that I have A.D.D... but I am too scared to go get tested because I'm afraid that the results would make it official. I'd hate to have "disorder" anywhere attached to my name.
- My eyes are wider apart than I'd like them to be... but then again, I don't think I can get used to them being any closer together than how it is now.
- I am hairy... probably hairier than my boyfriend. Now that's sad.
- I hate wearing my contacts, so often times, I would squint to the point that it annoys people. My own sister gets annoyed by it. I can't afford glasses right now... or maybe I'm just too lazy to go in and get them.... oh... that reminds me...
- I am LAZY! Yes... I like to sit around on the couch and do NOTHING often times. Better yet, bed!
- Procrastination would be my middle name if I had one.
- After I procrastinate, I cram when there's a deadline for something and then I get irritated and nervous when I think things wouldn't get done. Then I have excuses or blame it on others! :p
- I am probably freaking my fellow bus riders out because I am typing all of this with a grin. I have a rapist type of grin when I'm extremely happy.... its scary.
- I have mood swings like no other... and I'm not even anywhere near menopausal... I don't think.
- I am VERY impatient... even the two seconds it takes for a gumball machine to deliver my prize pisses me off!
- I am friendly to everyone that I first meet... but I am quickly judgmental and can determine if I like someone or not REAL quick.
- I have selective memory and have this tendency to remember the negatives most often.
- I am a binge eater.
- I sometimes wake up with eye crusties... I wonder if I cry when I sleep without knowing it.
- I am overly competitive when its unnecessary... quite childish, but its fun!
- Sometimes I care too much and sometimes I am careless... most often at the wrong times for either.
... to be continued... at my bus stop now.

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