October 15, 2007


I must write this fast since I have so much to do today. Yikes!

My weekend was awesome... I had my good ol' partying night filled with the rhythm game, assassin, high/low, this or that, and what you want? Those are all some of my favorite party games! Haha! ;) I also had my good ol' charity dinner for the Women's Safety Center with Nara, Seung, and Grace. What's funny is that we're all camp counselors from Seattle, and we ran into another camp counselor who recently moved to Seattle from Denver! Mini reunion for a good second! The dinner and auction itself was just a great event that was well put together. I think they raised quite a bit of money for such a great cause, and although I was there for free... thanks to Pearl's good ol' company who bought a table, it was nice to be a part of something so awesome! Going to another one this weekend, at the same place for another worthy cause... I'm excited. In the future, I would love to get back into those kinds of things... community involvement. This will be one of my 2008 New Years' resolutions... mark my words! :D

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