October 23, 2007

Fire in Southern California...

Since I don't ever watch TV unless its Ladies' Night... I didn't even know about the wildfire until Sam pointed it out to me yesterday. I nearly had a heart attack as I googled it because I thought it was in Long Beach or Irvine... where my family and friends are... and where my boyfriend lives and works. Reading more, I was a bit relieved that it wasn't, but the whole thing still worries me. I pray for those in the area and will continue to keep them in my thoughts.

I'm a bit annoyed that the air in Irvine is horrible, yet they're still making their employees be at work. Maybe I'm just spoiled and my work isn't in as high of a demand as others, but I don't care what people say, health > work.

I asked my boyfriend to go get one of these:

... and I don't think he's going to. Hmph!

Another reason to add to my list of "Why I do NOT want to live in California".

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