October 11, 2007

Ladies' Night In...

I ate so much last night, its crazy! Nara made us some KAW and some Lok Lak... and it was goooooood! Seriously, I pigged out like crazy and then fell asleep on her couch watching our shows. I think I probably snored too! But yeah... food was awesome and I can't wait for next week... I wonder who will host and cook! Hehe... I love Ladies' Night even if I can't hang anymore. Bed time is crazy early (10ish) since I have to wake up at 5am. I'm on the road from 6:45am-8am... sucks... but I have the T-Man show to keep me company!

Lok Lak... yum!

KAW... I learned how to make it and I stirred this too! HAHA!

Didn't get to eat this one since Nara made it few days before, but I'm crossing my fingers she'd make it for me one day since I love sno peas! :D

Thanks for hosting and cooking, Nara! That BrotherMan... he's a lucky man!

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