October 5, 2007


Nara and Grace came over to my new work yesterday. It is VERY safe to say that they love my new job just as much as I do. The both of them have been very supportive of me and all (I mean... most) of my decisions since I first met them... but I really think that I have the most encouragement and support from them right now. *sigh* I love these girls... I do! Last night after their field trip over here and after we did a little "shopping", we went out to dinner. Its always nice being able to talk about the little things and catch up every now and then. I was very exhausted from the previous night (Ladies' Night In) and from work... so I kept dazing off... sorry girls! Nevertheless, it was good times. Grace pointed out that she feels like she's living like Sex and the City. In a way, we are... minus all the crazy sex talk... we're not THAT Sex and the City... yet! ;)

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