October 8, 2007

Great Weekend...

So I came into work on Saturday... I kind of had to. Afterwards, Nack, Grace, Pania, and Sam (Nack's brother) came over to play with me. We had a great time being silly... well I did at least! I like people visiting me at work... haha... and I like being at work! Lets hope that lasts for a long time. Later, I went over to Sunaro's sister's place to watch the boxing match. Not really a boxing person, but it was cool. I was trying to make a bet that Manning would win. Then I said Mandy. Later, I realized that his name was Manny! LMAO... thanks Nara for encouraging me to make a fool out of myself. Glad I will always have her support in that department! :D

I wasn't feeling too well yesterday so I was in bed most of the time. Finished "Snokei Ontong Snaeh"... but fast forwarded through some of the parts. I'm just upset that Chakrit cheated on his lady in the movie. Minus two points for him! Hopefully I'll get my lakorns in the mail tonight... I can't wait! I think I even dreamt of them... haha!

Okay... back to work I go. Hopefully my sister will come visit later! :D

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